Friday, April 24, 2015

What's going on?

No fancy titles, themes or anything. I just present a few incredible facts and, since in many forums one cannot attach a pic (and/or is allowed a limited number of characters), I chose to present the facts here.

 I’ll make it short, so: I checked my statcounter on 4/24/2015 and noticed I have a hit from London on my blog FiT-DNA in which I make a point that the FiT-DNA theory will find the Singularity (or create god, take your pick) before Kurzweil. Then I went to my blog to see if there is any comment and it was BUT without a name or date and time stamp (can that be possible on Blogger?). The comment was cryptic (I quote from memory and you’ll soon see why): ‘With a bit of luck you’ll soon be in my world.’ I wanted to answer him/her something along the line, “And your world is in London?” BUT I only had time to type *And* when the answer came inside MINE Reply field (!!): ‘No, my world is not in London.’ My jaw hit the laptop table: how did he/she know what I was going to ask or even that I was replying?!

After a few seconds I came to my senses and clicked the Print Screen button on my keyboard, then I opened the Paint program then Edit and then Paste: nothing showed up! So I went back to my blog and Print Screen again and the whole process: Nothing in Paint! And when I went back again to my blog the whole conversation had vanished: it was nothing there. Just unbelievable!

Then just to make sure that’s nothing wrong with my equipment I opened statcounter for FiT-DNA and … Print Screen – open Paint – Edit – Paste and ta-daaa: everything was there. I even circled the top hit (the one from London) and everything was fine, so my Paint is OK (see pic below). What happened on my blog Comment section?

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